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My Art Journey 
I was very creative in my childhood, like every child, and for a creative child in India, parents often imagine a future in Engineering. I was good at painting as well, which I was learning from my mother, but my father had determined to make his son an engineer. So after graduating in Engineering with a First Class from Bangalore University, I had no other option than to take up an engineering job in which my skill in drawing helped me. It was my creative inclination which kept me going as a successful engineer for almost ten years.
Sometimes situations take place in life and you are rooted elsewhere, and then you take a call, and it so happened that this time it was call from my childhood love for art. Consequently, I gave up engineering and entered fully into Art & Design. I admitted myself in IICD (Indian Institute of Craft & Design) to learn sculpture professionally and landed up creating artefacts in Papier-mâché with a combination of wood, metal and ceramics. I took up many Projects to do Architectural Designing and Interior Decoration; later I went to Moscow to design an Indian Home for Etno-mir.
The year 2009 brought the financial recession into the world and encouraged me to take another risk, so I joined the Indian Film Industry, as it was my only pending childhood dream to be accomplished! But it was not a direct entry; I initially worked with an Event Company as they promised that they will soon be working on 8 feature films. There I designed many famous sets and contributed to reputed reality shows for Indian Television, but no Films. So I decided to quit and joined another Art director who had done many film projects and was a Big name in the Television industry. I learnt few more things there in set construction which was not taught to me in the civil engineering syllabus. I left this place too after a year or so since I did not get the opportunity to work on Films.
There is an ancient proverb, “you get what you seek”, and finally one day I got call from an International Production designer for Films, by that time it was end of the year 2011. In the past ten years I have created mega sets for many film projects. I worked as an assistant Production designer, Art Director and Production designer for more than two dozen feature films, TV Commercial advertisements and web series and got the opportunity to work with different technicians of many countries like United Kingdom, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Jordan.
Though my life’s experiences have gone through different paths and destinations, my journey in fine art was always continuous. In my high school syllabus I was taught about many great masters but my child-brain was fascinated by the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo and others, and since then I started practicing on figurative and super realistic works. During initial days of my college I was recipient of the best artist award; I was given gift coupons from which I bought many more books on the Great Masters through which the great artists Albrecht Durer, Joshua Reynolds, J.M.W Turner and Vincent Van Gogh joined the list of my favourite artists. By the end of my final year of engineering through Indian Media I learnt about the famous Painter/Architect/Sculptor Mr Satish Gujral, who was a living legend and inspired me a lot. The other famous names encrypted in my mind at that time were M.F Hussain, Jamini Roy and Nandalal Bose.
My Real Interaction with Indian professional artists started in the year 1994 when I started meeting artists in Jaipur and Delhi, and began participating in Kala Mela (Art Fairs) and learnt more about the art movements of the Modern Art period. I learnt about Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, S.H.Raza, Francis Newton Souza and others. But it was my migration to Mumbai which made me meet and see the work of International and National contemporary artists like Yayoi Kasuma, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Francis Bacon, Anish Kapoor, Subodh Gupta, and Bharti Kher to name the few.
Today I balance my professional work as an art director and my artistic explorations with painting and sculpture, as well as mixed media and other explorations.


1987-1991: Bachelor In Engineering, Bangalore University
1999-2000: Sculpture, IICD, Jaipur
I discovered my love of painting while living in Pimpri-Pune, Nasirabad-Ajmer, Tumkur-Bangalore & Jaipur. I experimented with various mediums learning what they could do and developing my own techniques that give my work a unique quality.
Developing my own style totally without the influence (and sometimes restrictions) of formal training I have no fear of taking my work in any direction I am motivated toward.
That creative freedom combined with my unique use of the materials allow me to create artwork that is distinctly my voice.
My work is mostly based around my film collage series. I like a variety of media and styles though, so you will find color pencil illustrations, scratch board etchings, new media pieces and more. My style varies from medium to medium. I gravitate toward circles and lines, making patterns
My Professional Art Journey Starts in 1996 but matured with “Ecstasy” due to my Guruji for Photography Sh. Kaushal Bhargav ji ( Chairman of Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy). In his company I experienced to see and listen Spiritual Dances & Music.

Then left Jaipur and shifted to Delhi after creating and to show:
 “Bridge & industrial Scape,”

Created “So… the Man Created God” & ” Soul …the inner power”
mainly during travelling for Exhibitions !

Then Moved to Moscow as an Architect to design Indian Home for Etnomir , where I not only exhibited my paintings but also created series of painting:
 “From Russia with Love”

And then i moved to Mumbai in 2008.
First expression “CITY OF BOXES” 
(Assemblage, sculpture & installation)

Then “PER SQUARE FOOT” Paintings,
Then JOURNEY  ( paintings n installation)
All in One year as though there is no tomorrow !

In 2009 i created few Collages on KHICHDI (Mix) CULTURE. 
While parallel creating Sets for Reality Shows for TV.

And then Came RECESSION.

 I went to Orrisa for Engineering job where along with engineering I enjoyed my passion for photography. I came back after 2 months and started creating “INTEGRATORS” on the displaced migrant workers to exhibit at Jahangir & museum gallery mumbai in 2010 & 2011 respectively.

But by then i had Entered Indian Television to create Mega Sets for TV Shows.

Year 2011 took me to BOLLYWOOD .. the reason i came to Mumbai and started creating Big Sets for Films,

Films kept me very busy..Teri Meri Kahani, Bhaiyyaji Super Hitt, Yamla Pagla Deewana-2, Rajjo, All is well, bobby jasoos, kaptaan, Kalank, Manikarnika, Special Ops and many more
I never stopped painting, but my experiments did stopped or slowed down, 
Did lot n lot of Art & Architecture as Production designer & Art Director for Hindi Films.
And kept participating in International Art Shows.

Since year 2018, i am into realization about ” It is all about connection” & expressing through my paintings in this series in which i intend to make Sculptures & do installations.

On personal ground, my Parents are at my home town in Jaipur and I am here in Mumbai with my family of a wife and three daughters.

So this is my story as an Artist.
Before 2000 i have lived a life of a quality control Engineer  who was into Bridges, Highways, steel Industries & Power plants, utilizing my Graduation in Civil Engineering ,but had to leave all that after 10 years because of my passion in art, I am always in Art since i was 11 yr old. My mother use to paint n this is how i learnt and was best artist of Ajmer and Bangalore University