Indian artist Koushal Choudhary (b. 1968) is an internationally collected abstract painter known for his BOLD use of color and complex layering blending chaos and harmony to create works that are in private collections on 4 continents and over 9 countries. Koushal Choudhary is an abstract painter working and living in Mumbai. He has developed his unique techniques over the years during which he is continuously innovating to create works with emphasis on bold color combinations, blending, and a gestural style. Koushal creates each work with no preconceived outcome in mind, preferring to let the technique guide him in creating complex paintings. Working primarily with fluid acrylics along with other mediums, he creates intricate works that lure the viewer in with the complexities of the bold color, pattern, and movement. Koushal’s abstract style allows the viewer to experience the artwork through the color combinations, brush strokes, and other gestural techniques. Koushal’s artwork is intended to be a visual experience which evoke a feeling of transport from the viewer. Koushal’s extensive world travels have changed his perspective and provide inspiration to create artworks that do the same for the viewer – elicit the feeling of perception shift that is unique emotionally and intellectually giving each viewer a different personal experience.


A mixed-culture that we live in today. Just look around and you can see the contrasts between today and tomorrow, traditional and contemporary–all coexisting hand in hand. Our cities today are a mix of heritage buildings standing tall along with futuristic towers. We live in state-of-the-art houses and cook traditional dal-chawal (pulse and rice).
And this is not just in metropolitans it exists equally in many small towns of the country. I have witnessed natural beauty and rustic sentiment of a small village in Rajasthan from the glittering glass windows of a ‘local’ shopping mall, and shopped for tribal handicraft from air-conditioned stores in suave markets of the capital city.
The contrast shines each morning when Delhi city wakes up to travel in the Metro Rail–the latest example of technology making life simple. What can be seen from the train are roofs of old houses where people are busy in their laid back early morning chores. The walls at metro stations depict mythological characters and pictorial narration of stories that our grandmothers narrated to us as kids.
Why go farther? A look at the clothing of my grandmother, mother and me narrates the tale of all diverse eras living together. I never saw my grandmother wearing anything other than saris. My mother, though traditional, prefers the more convenient salwar-suit. For me, well, until today I have never tried wearing anything close to their dresses.
A simple and more visually influencing example is of a city road, where I drive my car along side a cycle-rickshaw puller and a bullock-cart rider is busy taming his animal to follow traffic rules.

ps. Reminds me of William Shakespeare–All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.


CULTURES IN SWEET EMBRACE The works of Koushal Choudhary are of interest because they combine in themselves two cultures, that of India and of Russia . His sojourn in Russia has been fruitful, not as of the usual tourist, but one who has imbibed the especial cultural riches of that vast land. Thus seen grafted on his artistic spirit are the hues — not merely material ones, of the land of the great icons, of the Orthodox Church, of its distinct literature, and its flora and fauna. This comes about not illustratively, but by subtle enough nuances. The fact is that the artist carried something of himself in the northern country, of steppes and virgin forests. Drawing on an obsessive impulse, he turns his Russian inheritance instinct with the same feel, even though in a fresh incarnation. His Palekh Golden Oak, Spring, Rainy Etnomir, Metro Autumn etc are such select vintages, with a blend of the flora of Russia and the key concept of India . The result is gratifying. Indeed the work becomes subtler and the mandala form of spring, for instance, evokes the majesty, which lies at the heart of root reality. In here is a revelation, a brief glimpse, of that which transcends earthy time. In these works the artist is seen forging his own artistic profile. Appealing on the optic plan, these go much beyond, for in them his sensibility refines further. Painting are things which require an intellectual appreciation of their qualities, rather than a direct sensuous reaction, so that the best of this artist’s offering entails a delicate responsiveness – mere learning is not enough. If we still want a possible access to the springs of artistic creation, it is to the veins of an artist’s life-tree that we must turn to. Having said all that regarding his key works, I have no need to point out at the shaky ones. After all we look up to the best that an artist has to give, not his abortive efforts. In each artist, as in each human being, are both gold and chaff. Koushal Choudhry work convinces me, that his golden grain will get the better of his chaff. I look forward to his next showing in expectancy

. Keshav Malik


Aim is to re-member the ultimate power, the God
either through dancing in ecstasy or creating any visual on canvas.
Our fantasies or attraction towards the materialistic world is the case of our rebirth.
Why-rebirth when we can achieve ” MOKSHA” in this life itself.
Let my soul bloom like  flowers and be the Bridge between me & my creator so that I can feel the joy of  “NIRVANA”


My Mother … was the only GOD for me in childhood for many years till she introduced me to the other GODs of TEMPLES, which as per her ALL the shows on earth.
As a kid it was very difficult for me to understand how ONE can do so MANY works at the same TIME ! So mother showed me different GODs with MANY hands !
In society we all have our own GODs in different forms and shapes depending upon our understanding and traditions.
But NOW my understanding with GOD is in its invisible POWER of CREATION, no particular shape. A magnetic effect which withhold together the entire universe.
Art HISTORY taught me that most of the GODs my mother worship visually were created by the great artist RAJA RAVI VERMA (29April 1848 to 02 Oct 1906)
. . . so, now few more forms for those who believe in shapes. After all it is the matter of FAITH.


Desire is to merge my self in the wonderful colours of the ultimate creator. There remains no difference in him and me !
I am A-part of it, ECSTASY is to join him & gain the wholeness.
I am the colour, he is my canvas, wish to colour the canvas in my colour.
An urge to fill the space between us, so the colour and canvas becomes ONE to form a complete PAINTING